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Selected History: Readings & Performances

Nov 2015, London, Globe Rd Festival
Nov 2015, Atlanta, USA
Oct 2015, London, Masterclass, Globe Road Festival
Oct 2015, London, Southbank Centre
Sep 2015, London, Ronnie Scott’s
Aug 2015, London, Barbican Centre
June 2015, London, Lauderdale House
June 2015, London, Monticello House, Bloomsbury
May 2015, Oxford, Oxford Centre for Life Writing, Oxford University
April 2015, London, Burn After Reading
Nov 2014 Tartu, Estonia, Uus Teater, Crazy Tartu Festival
Nov 2014 Tallin, Estonia, Black Poodle
Nov 2014 Helsinki, Finland, Cafe Mascot
Nov 2014 Salo, Finland
Nov 2014 Turku, Finland, Barker Theatre, Turku Poetry Week
Nov 2014 Turku, Finland, Monk’s Jazz Bar
Nov 2014 Kings College London
Oct 2014, London, Ronnie Scott’s, Jazz Verse Jukebox
Sep 2014 Teeside, Intercity Flow
Sep 2014 London, Rich Mix, Penned in the Margins Ten Years Celebration
June 2014 London, Somerset House, Museum of Water
May 2014 Oxford, Oxford PEN, Oxford University
April 2014 BBC Radio 3, The Verb
Feb 2014 London, Victoria&Albert Museum
Feb 2014 London, Wasafari Metropoles launch
Jan 2014 King’s College London, ‘Empire and Post-Empire in the Global City’
Dec 2013 Manchester, Anthony Burgess Foundation
Nov 2013 London, Interrobang Festival
Nov 2013 London, Open University, ‘Citizen, Narrative and Neo-colonial history’
Nov 2013 London, Toynbee Theatre, Digital Monsoon launch
Oct 2013 London, Barker&Stonehouse
Aug 2013 London, Hackney Wicked
May 2013 London, Asia House Festival of Literature
April 2013 London, Ronnie Scott’s, Jazz Verse Jukebox
May 2013 Middlesbrough, Electric Kool-Aid Cabaret
April 2013 London, Alchemy, Royal Festival Hall
August 2012 London, Hackney Wicked
Aug 2012 London, the Urban Poetic
June 2012 Stoke Newington Literary Festival
April 2012 London, V&A Reading Rooms
May 2012 London, Goodenough College, Lung Jazz launch
March 2012 Norwich, British Council Showcase
Nov 2011 London, Ronnie Scott’s, Jazz Verse Jukebox
Oct 2011 London, Matryoshka, The Yard
Oct 2011 London, The Bell
Sep 2011 London, Free Verse
July 2011 Latitude Festival
June 2011 London, Aubin&Wills Notting Hill
June 2011 Birmingham, Sampad, Barber Institute
April 2011 Birmingham, The Drum
April 2011, BBC 4 (TV) (with Anjali Joseph and Gyan Prakash)
April 2011 London, Alchemy, Southbank Centre
March 2011 London, Tongue-Fu
March 2011 Middlesbrough, Electric Kool-Aid Cabaret
Dec 2010 London, Kalagora launch, Poetry Library
Oct 2010 BBC Radio 3, The Verb (with William Gibson and Louise Welsh)
May 2010 New York City, New York University, USA
March 2010 London, Whitechapel Gallery
Nov 2009 London, Battle of Ideas
August 2009 London, Hackney Wicked
July 2009 London Ealing Literature Festival
June 2009 London, Spitalfields Festival
May 2009 Coventry, Coventry International Literature Festival
March 2009 London Word Festival, Shakespeare in Shoreditch
Nov 2008 London, Battle of Ideas
Oct 2008 London, The Troubador
July 2008 Poet in the City, City of London Festival
June 2008 London, Whitechapel Gallery
April 2008 London, La langoustine est morte
Feb 2008 London, New Blood Poetry Cafe

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