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Film: Animal City

(Poster photograph: Siddhartha Bose, 2014)

Two years in the making, Animal City is a city-symphony film that paints the myriad faces of
Bombay in the 21st century. It fuses urban film-making with a musical score, creating a style called
‘ethnographic impressionism’ that explores the contrasts of this vast and ever-changing megalopolis.
The film-making process was an urban adventure and the artists were fascinated by various facets of
the city, particularly the existence of ritualistic practices in a cityscape that is dynamic and always
on the move. The film examines the city as a space of performance, change and shock. In doing so, Animal City revisions Bombay for the global age through an audiovisual collage that is vital, experimental, and impressionistic.

Running time: 25 minutes

This film was developed with the support of The Leverhulme Trust, UK.

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